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A few days ago a young girl came to my office. Her name was Zhannet and she was ready to lose her virginity. She was a quiet, shy girl who still lived at home. She was afraid to make love because she had seen her hymen in a hand mirror and knew that it would hurt a lot when a large cock forced its way into her small hole. So she had one request for me. Her friends had told her about their first experiences and how their boyfriends were too eager and inexperienced, and their first time was a disappointment. So she wanted a professional adult film star to take her cherry. (A "Woodman") She felt that a professional would take her cherry slowly and gently, with a minimum of pain.
I wasted no time in finding a professional for her. When I told him that his next video would be with a real virgin, he offered to perform for free!
Many of the stars of today's adult videos have sex with a partner that they have just met for the first time. I knew that she would never go through with it with a total stranger. So I made them each sign a contract to date each other for 7 days, but there was to be no sexual contact!
So they dated for 7 days, but each date ended with a only a simple kiss goodnight. But she knew that in a few days his experienced hands would be removing her clothes and caressing her naked body, and she would allow him to open her thighs, and his hard penis would be slowly parting her untouched pussy lips and pressing against her hymen. He knew that going home with a hard-on after their date was worth it, because in a few days she would be a "sure thing", and her hymen would be his for the taking.
Finally the big day arrived. We are all together, but first I photographed her hymen (wide screen) while she still had it. Then I started filming the defloration scene. It went very well as I filmed him slowly and very deeply inserting his big penis through the hymen and deep into her vagina. There was a lot of blood. I could tell she was in pain from his large penis.
Now I think that it would have been better to have picked a man with a normal sized penis. Being a professional, once he was deep inside her, he fucked her very hard and fast. Hi quality digital pictures now available!

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