Little Silvia is 18 years old and only 5 ft. 3 in. tall. 

She came  into  our  office  just  before  closing time.  It was late and I  didn't  want to  interview her just then and asked her to come back tomorrow. She responded  by slowly  turning around,  showing  off  her thin summer dress. I  stopped what  I was doing and stared at her charming  youthful body, she  looked  back  at  me  with  an  inviting smile. The dress was so thin I could see she wore no panties.  I could not  help  but  blush  as  this  girl saw my excitement  at seeing her body under that dress. She was not bashful at all, and sat down with her legs slightly apart. I saw a perfect  virgin  pussy, trimmed with short blonde hair. I wanted to get down on my knees and kiss her pussy, but instead, I only spread her lips and examined her hymen.  Surprisingly, she cheerfully allowed me to do this, and I immediately offered her a photo contract. 2 days later the filming began. Although she would not let me take her innocence that day, I still talk to her every week, and who knows what the future might bring!

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