Lily Cross

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Today we'd like to offer you our newest model with a very interesting story. This story might be called "Lily and Steve, or an unusual way to lose your virginity".

Steve (the guy in this story) very often brings us new virgin girls for photo shoots. Two weeks ago he came with a very charming virgin girl and said that she was ready to lose her innocence with him before my camera! We were very surprised and a little confused. You see, Steve is a modeling agent. He arranges for models to meet photographers, and if they are still a virgin, he sends her to us. Now he wants to take her virginity. But of course when we saw her cute young body and beautiful eyes, we were happy to agree.

Because she was so shy, Steve had an interesting plan. He asked us to place out HD camera in the bedroom and leave them alone. So he and Lily were left in the bedroom and nobody bothered them. With a full reel of tape, he had one hour to take her virginity, and he did it! We have an incredibly exciting video!

When we saw the raw video we realized that from now on we should make all our future videos the same way. Boys and girls behave differently when they are alone and she wants to try sex for the first time.

We invite you to visit our member's directory and watch this unique video. You can download the high-resolution version to your computer or watch the fast loading flash version. Take a look at her beautiful young virgin body in our photos! Join now!

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