Gita is 18 years old.

When Gita showed up in the office she made me think of a fresh cool breeze. Her silk dress emphasized her girlish figure. She is a very kind and tender girl, and not sure of what we wanted to do with her. At first she wanted to only do a still photo session. But after 2 hours of talking she became more relaxed and eager to do the video and lose her virginity. We had showed her some videos of previous girls, and that helped convince her to do it. She very gently started to play with her pussy and at the same time noticed the hungry look of the men watching her. The combination made her very horny and ready for it. When the time came, she became afraid and we had to help her. She bled and told me that she had a lot of pain. But she went through with it and now we have her perfect photos and videos for you to see.



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