Her name is Barbara, but she likes to be called "Barbie", like the doll. She is very young and tender. She just turned 18! She did everything that we asked. She showed us how she masturbates. "I started using a sucker when I was 14 years old. While mom and dad were watching TV, I would go to my room and play with myself. I have a friend at school. First I lick the sucker, dreaming that it is my friend's penis. When I have the sucker wet and sticky, I put my hands in my panties and slide the sucker between my pussy lips. I have always dreamed of breaking my hymen while playing with my sucker." Barbie demonstrated for us with a lime flavored sucker. At first her motions were slow, but soon after her pace quickened and she started breathing faster. We could see the juices flowing from her pussy and soon her whole body shook as she had an orgasm! We video taped the whole thing for you. But that is not all of the action. While we were taping, she broke her cherry herself with her fingers. Even though the hymen bled, she did not stop. She continued to masturbate until she had an orgasm! Unique photos and videos like you've never seen. Loss of innocence and bloody masturbation! Watch it now before the moral majority shuts us down.

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See what people have to say about Barbie's video and pictures:

Good Morning, Do you remember when you were a kid and went swimming at a pond or a lake or a swimming pool? The water was cold when you tested it with your foot, and you did not want to walk in. So you either jumped or were pushed in! That is what I thought of when I saw the video of Barbie. She just quickly jammed those 2 fingers in all at once and got it over with. That was different. The video with the sucker was very good and different. You got all those pictures on the video on 1 CD. Great. Again I liked the pictures. Good variety and very sexy. I liked the way you showed off her narrow hips in the pictures and the video. Some men may not like to see all the blood, but it was interesting to see the damage she did to her hymen afterwards, when she kept using her fingers. Good shower scene. She has a nice slim body. What really impressed me, was how easily she worked her 2 fingers in and out in the shower, and reached a climax. I really liked that. I am surprised that she could do that so soon after tearing it. It looked like she might have gotten some blood on the rug. I hope it did not leave a stain. Where was the video shot?

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