My name is Anna. 

I am a virgin. I study in Paris, France. I've just turned 18. I voluntarily agreed that the moment of loosing my virginity will be photographed and videotaped. I am not a model and this the first time I am getting undressed before the camera. Maybe, it is stupid that I agreed but I need some money.......


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We checked her I.D. Twice. She's just 18, even though she doesn't look it, and she's all ours. She was very timid. Because it is the first sex experience of her. Therefore it is the most exciting video, which we have today! We guarantee it! She will insert a tampon through her hymen, slowly and gently! But the most arousing and astounding moment was when her hymen yielded slowly to the pressure of her dildo and finally broke off, coloring swollen over-aroused vagina with purple blood. We videotaped and photographed all this for you!  Watch it right now! Act of defloration! is pleased to present our MPEG CD Series. This series is 100% True Digital. This means that they are Digitally Shot, Digitally Edited, Digitally Mastered, and Digitally Duplicated. What you get is a video so crystal clear it is just like you are there!!

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